Expertise in financing renewables

In the course of modelling a solution and estimating the payback period, the issue of how a proposed project would be financed is often raised. Does the expenditure meet capex policy, or will alternative funding methods need to be investigated if the project is to proceed?

For many of our clients – especially the larger organisations – existing relationships with their financial institution remain the preferred source of finance. However, we know that not all finance providers have experience of renewable technologies – although this is changing – and the structure of a given finance deal may be uncompetitive.

In the course of working on a number of projects where clients have sought advice from us, we have established relationships with a number of institutions interested in providing finance for biomass installations.

Biomass Solutions can offer asset and project finance for biomass installations in the private and public sectors.

We can also structure Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This involves a third party owning the assets and supplying the energy for a fixed period of time, at a fixed price (or clearly defined scale of charges) per kWh. Local Government initiatives which would fall into this category include district heating schemes such as biomass boiler/CHP plant providing energy to a group of premises.

Other local government initiatives which can be provided under an ESCO or Power Purchase Agreement include the provision of renewable energy to a number of schools in a region. This type of project is not confined to the public sector and Biomass Solutions can provide similar managed renewable energy contracts to businesses.


Working with reputable lenders and brokers we will seek to supply sufficient information on behalf of our clients to financier in order to deliver to our clients a lending arrangement that best suits their financial position and that of the biomasss project.

We will not advise on finance selection but we are happy to explore, as guided by our clients, all possible project funding options available including:

  • Grants
  • Low cost loans
  • Leasing packages
  • Others

Again please see our services for a more detailed explanation of what consultancy we can offer or if wishing to discuss a specific project please contact us on the email referred to in our contact page.

Biomass Solutions Ltd can offer a range of automatic pellet stoves that will blend in nicely with most modern homes. Pellet stoves can be a feature as well as a highly efficient carbon neutral system for heating any living space.

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