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Biomass Solutions are proud to represent KWB in England and Wales.
KWB are a leading Austrian boiler manufacturer. Their boilers offer advance patented technology resulting in high efficiency and low emissions, and most of all reliability.


We aim to achieve substantial environmental and financial benefit by simply replacing fossil fuel heating systems with state of the art KWB biomass based generation systems.

Biomass Boilers

Advanced boiler ranges to suit all domestic and small commercial installations from KWB

Biomass Ancillaries

Biomass AncillariesPellet Big Bag Knickschnecke

A range of biomass ancillary products for a complete installation

Renewable Heat Incentive


The government backed RHI scheme is available for qualifying commercial and complex installations. In March 2014, a Domestic RHI scheme is to be launched which will offer financial benefits to domestic biomass users


We can offer advice and assistance with raising finance for your biomass projects:

  • Debt financing
  • Lease finance
  • Energy Service Company (ESCo) funding

Where clients choose a fully financed arrangement we will capitalise the upfront, consultancy costs into the finance package. Thus the client pays for everything through the savings.

Biomass Solutions working with you to deliver the very best biomass solutions!